Startup Profile


Tallinn, Estonia

Next generation mobility: mini shared electric cars

The Problem:

Traffic congestion, parking, environmental pollution created by vehicle circulation, commute to/from transport hubs, home deliveries; vehicle hygene, road safety, personal security, accessibility, economy and the quality of the travel experience over short distances are major problems faced by people and governments every day.

The Solution:

Zoop has created a shared electric mini car that is small, light weight, and solar changing. The mini car is one third the size of a regular car, thus, taking up less traffic space and creating less traffic density in clustered cities. The light weight helps reduce energy consumption and recycling needed.

The Differentiator:

While there are many rentals and apps when it comes to mobility such as, scooters, bikes, etc., cars should be just as accessible. Zoop has created mini shared electric cars that allow drivers to use the cars at their convenance.

Biggest Achievement:

Achieved successful pilot collaboration with local Municipality for a year. Zoop became a registered company and made their first sale six months ago. Zoop team has won some awards.

Programme themes:

Economic, Vitality, Access & InclusionReducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Kerem Odabasi

Founder & CEO