Startup Profile


Toruń, Poland

Wireless rechargeable batteries with in-house developed wireless energy transfer solution for consumer and specialized markets

The Problem:

Currently used batteries, disposable or rechargeable, have no self-healing mechanism, experience self-discharge over the time, and after use end up as toxic waste. Additionally, used batteries require frequent replacement after use for contact recharging or replacement. This causes discomfort for the users who have to remember to purchase new replacement batteries, dismantle devices and replace the batteries. Disposed batteries are worldwide a growing toxic waste.

The Solution:

Thanks to the in-house developed radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting and wireless energy transfer technology we have developed wirelessly recharging batteries that recharge constantly with ultra-low voltage. Waven batteries do not need to be replaced so frequently and won’t end up being thrown away. Waven wirelessly rechargeable batteries can be recharged wirelessly, no need for frequent batteries replacement, and no more frequent toxic waste.

The Differentiator:

1. Waven batteries do not discharge as quickly as competition, have self healing capabilities and do not require as frequent replacement. 2. Waven batteries can be recharges wirelessly which is great advantage for one and industrial applications. 3. Waven batteries are designed to have a price of rechargeable batteries with additional benefits coming from wireless recharging and RF energy harvesting.

Biggest Achievement:

1. Developed unique technology to make life of many battery users much easier and friendly to environment - we believe that we have great social impact product which is developed in line with real societal needs. 2. Developed most efficient energy harvesting and wireless energy transfer solution based on semiconductor materials technology with limited budget. 3. Despite short history the battery is constantly growing with close follow up of the customers needs.

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Łukasz Cejrowski

CEO and Co-founder

Rafał Jakubowski, PhD

CTO and Co-founder