Startup Profile

shipzero (by Appanion)

Hamburg, Germany

SaaS solution to measure and reduce freight transport emissions

The Problem:

Transportation is the only major sector with still rising CO2-emissions and there is no silver-bullet technology to solve the issue and freight emissions are currently not manageable for transport buyers or their carriers. Both don’t communicate in a data-driven, standardized way and only have a very rough overview on how much is emitted e.g. on which trade lanes, for which products or with which partners.

The Solution:

Shipzero is a SaaS solution that provides actionable information to reduce emissions from global freight transport.

The Differentiator:

Shipzero seamlessly integrates various heterogenious data sources like telematics- or order-data and enriches it with external data like routing and emission frameworks. Our clients get automated reports and analysis from the platform via web- or API-access, can manage their partners and suppliers and are always auditable for their transport emissions.

Biggest Achievement:

-- First Shipzero subscription contract signed in 2021 -- Some amazing customers and 2 paid POC’s with DAX companies to prove global coverage and primary data integration -- Having built an amazing and diverse team of now 13 people, all based in Hamburg

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Mirko Schedlbauer


Tobias Bohnhoff