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Torino, Italy

loT software and hardware for smart cities, starting with smart street lamps

The Problem:

Electric energy consumption is one among the viable area that presents a good scope to reduce costs. Analyzing this consumption pattern and periodical energy requirement will drive effective utilization of the energy and reduce redundancies. Streetlight infrastructures in cities, industries, and commercial spots are in most parts not monitored or is relatively not needed all the time. Its operation and maintenance (reactive) is responsible for an inefficient way of working of this asset

The Solution:

Nextlight (NLT for short) is the name of the product conceived by NEXTON, which opens up new opportunities for intelligent lighting. It comes as a result of an effective combination hardware and software; it is plug & play and retrofit capable with existing LED network lamps. It is made out of hardware integrated with state-of-the-art IoT technologies and communication systems. The system monitors, tracks and allows to remotely control the streetlights and have real-time energy consumption data

The Differentiator:

1) Motion sensor integration allows light to be used on demand . Thus, no compromise with road safety, unlike competitors’ solutions. 2) Our plug & play concept is uniquely designed to meet less disruption cost before integrable upon existing infrastructures. The fact that the device is removable and easily upgradable allows flexible choices both for the users and the providers. 3) Autonomous easy-to-read energy consumption reports for customers.

Biggest Achievement:

1) First satisfied non-paying customer (Chivasso municipality). 2) First 5 years contract about to be signed by the same Municipality for an extension (value EUR 10k). 3) 100.000€ fund-raised by founders + love capital (family, friends, etc.), grand and private investors.

Programme themes:

Lifetime Wellbeing

Team members:

Davide Tuzi

CEO & Co-founder

Gerardo Lando

COO & Co-founder

Alberto Fontana

DCE & Co-founder