Startup Profile


Riga, Latvia

Wireless charging solution for micromobility and EVs

The Problem:

Electric micro-mobility solutions have limited range before they need to be charged and charging takes a significant amount of time.

The Solution:

Meredot develop a Wireless Electric Road Systems - an invisible platform that wirelessly charges electric transport after parking. The main point of the wireless solution is to improve the convenience of charging by removing the necessity of plugging in and out.

The Differentiator:

Meredot’s charging platform is built for ease of use. Unlike other charging stations, Meredot is the only company that boasts a wireless charging option for LEV transports.

Biggest Achievement:

-- Closed $500k seed round with Overkill VC and won Horizon 2020 Grant Phase 1. -- In 2021Q4 Meredot released the first in the world wireless charging station for LEV, and started sales. In 2022 Meredot represent Europe in the CES2022 as the TOP 18 innovative startups in Europe. -- In discussion licensing agreement with TIER1 companies like Amazon, Whill, Acton.

Programme themes:

Economic, Vitality, Access & Inclusion

Team members:

Roman Bysko

CEO & Co-founder

Roman Yershov

CTO & Co-founder