Startup Profile

Kora Sustainability

Riga, Latvia

Kora rewards individuals and entities for decarbonization

The Problem:

Corporates need to engage with scope 3 carbon footprint reduction (can reach >75% of their total emissions) but find it very hard and costly to achieve. Consumers and employees want to act on climate and reduce their carbon footprint but do not know-how.

The Solution:

Kora rewards individuals and entities for decarbonization. We created an economic value for CO2 reduction by rewarding individuals for sustainable actions and connecting their actions to corporates' scope 3 reductions (as consumers and employees).

The Differentiator:

To date, Kora is the only solution that combines: a. real-time tracing, b. a tangible reward system, and c. gamification, which are essential for a solid and long-term engagement of users in changing their sustainability habits. From all the solutions we have seen so far in the market, Kora is the only solution in the decarbonization/sustainability sector that provides the solution combining these elements. Hence, many of our competitors can also become partners.

Biggest Achievement:

-- Tested with a company acquired by Shell in Germany (Sonnen) -- Over 5,000 users tested the MVP. -- Apple featured the app as the best behavioral change app in sustainability - 5,000 people downloaded and tested

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Gilad Regev

CEO & Co-founder

Jaroslav Kuprijanov