Startup Profile

Evelity by Okeenea Digital

Lyon, France

Indoor wayfinding app for the mobility impaired

The Problem:

1.3 billion people with disabilities in the World. Mobility is a key challenge to give them access to the services provided by our cities. Complex buildings for Transit or destination are a real challenge for those who have mobility issues. This is a question of non-discrimination.

The Solution:

Evelity is a wayfinding app for indoor navigation in complex venue for people with disabilities. With adapted interfaces and routes, it helps all those who need it to find their destination easily in metro stations, universities campuses, office buildings, airports, museums, etc.

The Differentiator:

Evelity is the first wayfinding app that is designed for those who have mobility issues, where all other standard wayfinding apps will never be able to guide those who really need it.

Biggest Achievement:

250.000 square meters already covered by EVELITY : - Metro de Marseille, - Palais de Justice de Paris, - Fondation Luma Arles, - Université Rockefeller Lyon, etc. - Winner of the Transit Tech Lab in NYC, pilot installation in Jay Street Station, Brooklyn, NYC

Programme themes:

Economic, Vitality, Access & Inclusion

Team members:

Sylvain Denoncin

CEO & Founder