Startup Profile


Stockholm, Sweden

Environmentally friendly and rechargeable zinc-ion batteries with breakthrough affordability for stationary energy storage applications.

The Problem:

Batteries are needed to support renewable energy generation while staying affordable. Behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems struggles with economic feasibility. The deployed Li-ion batteries are cost expensive and pose fire risks.

The Solution:

Enerpoly is pioneering zinc-ion batteries and innovating in battery materials and processes to achieve groundbreakingly affordable energy storage solutions. Zinc-ion batteries enable the use of safe, sustainably scalable, and supply-chain stable zinc and manganese dioxide in applications such as stationary storage for microgrids or residences that use photovoltaics.

The Differentiator:

Long-term cost competitiveness, safety, scalable manufacturing process, and significant impact potential are what separates us from the rest. Our long-term cost effectiveness creates a sustainable product for the future. Production validation with similar process and equipment to lithium-ion, without dry room or NMP as solvent makes the manufacturing process scalable. GHG emission reduction, circularity, and the creation of clean jobs create potential for significant social impact.

Biggest Achievement:

- Securing 2.5M EUR - Completed installation of a battery pilot production line - Launching commercial prototype product - Securing 4 customer pilots - Ten full-time employees

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Eloisa de Castro


Dr. Mylad Camoun

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Samer Nameer

CINO & Co-Founder

    Sahitya Yarlagadda

    Growth Manager