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Göteborg, Sweden

Making hydrogen fuel cells more sustainable and cheaper; and independent on imports of critical raw materials (CRM) controlled by Russia and China

The Problem:

The current hydrogen catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells contain noble metals that are rare and expensive, such as platinum. This leads to issues with supply reliability and high, volatile costs. Even if platinum can be sourced, it relies on uncertain mining conditions and a cumbersome recycling processes involving hazardous chemicals.

The Solution:

Celcibus has developed a catalyst free from noble-metal particles, based on transition metal ions from abundant raw materials available on all continents. The catalyst can be produced by standard industrial unit processes, and utilized in current deposition process for traditional catalyst. When the fuel cell is discarded, no specific recycling process is needed to recover any precious metals. It can be handled in regular metal recycling with the entire stack.

The Differentiator:

The key differentiator versus platinum containing Platinum is that we provide *Controlled raw materials supply *Less expensive materials *Simplified recycling Compared to other noble metal free catalysts we provide: *Selectivity *Higher MEA durability *Inexpensive precursors

Biggest Achievement:

- Ongoing customer verification project with Stack developer - Ongoing technical evaluation project with global truck manufacturer in Europe - Prototype sale of catalyst to electrolyser developer - Ongoing development work with prominent MEA - producer

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Patric Stafshede


Lisa Palmqvist

CTO & Co-Founder

    Anders Palmqvist

    CSO & Co-Founder