Startup Profile


Göteborg, Sweden

Making hydrogen fuel cells more sustainable and cheaper; and independent on imports of critical raw materials (CRM) controlled by Russia and China.

The Problem:

Today battery recycling is a linear, hazardous and very energy intensive process, with only a very limited percentage of raw materials recovered. They destroy still functioning battery components, most notably the cells and the BMS.

The Solution:

Our automated machine sets a new technological and ecological standard: enabling an economical 2nd life for all batteries.

The Differentiator:

The key differentiator versus platinum containing Platinum is that we provide *Controlled raw materials supply *Less expensive materials *Simplified recycling Compared to other noble metal free catalysts we provide: *Selectivity *Higher MEA durability *Inexpensive precursors

Biggest Achievement:

Upcycled micro mobility batteries for all Europe's biggest Sharing providers and for Europe's most important power tool brands

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Patric Stafshede


Lisa Palmqvist

CTO & Co-Founder

Anders Palmqvist

CSO & Co-Founder