Startup Profile

Calejo Industrial Intelligence

Sundsvall, Sweden

Next generation AI for smart industry, smart energy, and smart water applications.

The Problem:

The industry is responsible for one third of the world's emissions of carbon dioxide. It also produces loads of other harmful substances and is one of our largest energy consumers. The global industry is simply not smart enough. AI has proven to work within other areas, but it has proven to work poorly within the industry.

The Solution:

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB has developed Calejo Optimize, an AI modeling solution that in a unique and patented way uses both data and mathematical descriptions of the process to create a digital twin. This method is called Scientific machine learning, or hybrid modeling, and the digital twin can be used for simulations, optimizations and autonomous process control.

The Differentiator:

In comparison with existing solutions, we create more accurate models much easier and faster. Our optimization technology can handle millions of parameters in real time and is up to 15,000 times faster than traditional optimization techniques. Calejo Optimize is the new generation of AI. A hybrid of traditional physical modeling and neural networks. It's a hybrid solution, a merge of human and machine intelligence.

Biggest Achievement:

-- Our first successful pilots with companies like Boliden, SCA and Valmet. -- National Patent granted and submission of global patent applications. -- Smart Water and Smart Energy – development of products within Water and Energy together with our strategical partners.

Programme themes:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Carl Johard

CMO and Co-founder

Leonard Johard

CTO & Co-founder

Johannes Holmberg

CEO & Co-founder