Startup Profile


Brno, Czech Republic

Automation of outdoor cargo transportation within production plants' intralogistics by autonomous logistic Delivery Robot and Fleet Management system.

The Problem:

We are solving the problem of manned delivery and cargo transportation: - increasing emissions in delivery and transportation (environmental issues) - high labor costs and lack of personnel (particularly skilled/experienced and qualified staff) - inefficiency, low scalability and low time flexibility of intralogistics and delivery (the cost of human drivers makes up more than eighty percent of the total transportation costs) - safety (HSE) risks of manned transportation and delivery

The Solution:

Our ecologic solution consists both from the autonomous or teleoperated (remotely driven) Delivery Robot (with its versatility given by customizable form of superstructure according to the specific use case/application, its robustness and load capacity) and our own open-source Fleet Management system, which is a unique combination and thus comes as an affordable all-in-one pack solution. Our robots are developed and produced for unlimited outdoor use in all environmental and weather conditions.

The Differentiator:

BringAuto uses third party vehicles, third party autonomy and also in-house developed autonomous driving. Unlike other companies with closed solutions only and robots not supported yet, BringAuto has HW agnostic autonomy and open-source web application. BringAuto's products are robot-ready, equipped with voicebot and backed up by our 24/7 Support & Maintenance as a result of our 10+ years expertise and experience in self-driving technologies.

Biggest Achievement:

One urban e-commerce last-mile delivery PoC, 3 industrial pilot operations conducted. Several Smart City pilots have been confirmed and are being prepared for upcoming months. Four prototypes of the robotic solution developed, produced and integrated in only 2 years - containing two different configurations of chassis, Drive-by-Wire technology, teleoperation & autonomous driving, and open-source Fleet Management systems. Team of 15+ members built allowing us for agile HW and SW development.

Programme themes:

Economic, Vitality, Access & InclusionReducing Carbon Emissions

Team members:

Jan Najvarek

Co-founder & CTO

Andrea Najvarkova

Co-founder & CEO

Matus Kasuba

Business Development Manager