Startup Profile

AES Autonome Energiesysteme

Aachen, Germany

On-site plastic recycling into fuels.

The Problem:

There is so much plastic waste that is produced everyday and much of it is either non-recyclable or the process is simply too difficult to be expected to be done on a consistent basis.

The Solution:

AES utilizes non-recyclable plastics, transforms them into an oil, and sells them to the petrochemical industry. This sustainably closes the material cycle.

The Differentiator:

AES builds small-scale plants for targeted on-site pyrolysis, which profitably recycle the waste and provide significant added value compared to waste incineration. With the help of the small plants, a defined waste stream can be processed for a maximum quality pyrolysis oil.

Biggest Achievement:

-- Winning the first big capital investor (200.000€ NRW Bank) -- Development, commissioning and selling of the prototype -- Production of the first good quality oil in the prototype

Programme themes:

Zero Waste

Team members:

Andrew Sheldrick

CTO & Co-founder

Marco Karber


Jonas Bonus

COO & Co-founder

Lennart Jacobsen