Startup Profile

Mobilis Robotics

Kraków, Poland

Mobilis Robotics offers Sound beacon, a navigation device for blind or visually impaired people

The Problem:

Presently, blind or visually impaired people travel around the city using assistive white cane. This main method of navigation remains the same for thousands years. Using white cane, user can reach place of interest with accuracy about 5m. The last few meters are remain a problem, so user have to spend a lot of time finding exact location of building entrance, road crossing, casher desk.

The Solution:

One of the best solutions for blind users is a sound beacon: sound emitting device (usually it produces regular “beeps”) that placed on object of interest (for example, above the door). Sound beacons are very helpful for blind people and widely used (one can find any probably on train stations, some public buildings, etc).

The Differentiator:

The main problem with existing sound beacons is that they produce constant noise that irritates other people (this prevents mass deployment of such systems). We have solved the problem with automatic beacon aviation only when need. Mobilis Sound Beacon is a beacon that produces sound only when a blind person is nearby.

Biggest Achievement:

-- We have developed beacon as a smart city solution. It covers - building entrees, public transportation, trains, cross roads, and ATM and vending machines solution is in development. -- Around 100 beacons were installed in Ukraine -- We have won CVC Young innovator award

Programme themes:

Economic, Vitality, Access & Inclusion

Team members:

Subhash C. Vashishtha (Sunny)

CEO & Co-founder

Serge Ageyev

CTO & Co-founder

Viktor Vilchinsky

CPO & Co-founder

Paweł Groński