Mentor Profile

Jed Griffiths

Microsoft UK

Chief Digital Officer

Reading, United Kingdom

Mentor Schedule:

Session 1

Mon 13 Jun, 4:45am - 9:30am GMT+0

Room 2

Session 2

Wed 15 Jun, 4:45am - 9:30am GMT+0


About Jed:

I am an energetic and inspiring strategic thinker, science communicator and technology evangelist. I'm passionate about data culture, human centred innovation and the digitally augmented human, and a mentor and advocate of innovation and growth culture.

Currently driving digital transformation, strategy and envisioning with business leaders to create new markets and drive societal change. 20+ years as an innovator and project lead in defence and national security projects, as a trusted advisor to senior policy and decision makers and consultant on R&D and innovation. Lean, Six Sigma certified, experienced in deep science and production engineering environments, I can help innovators maximise IP, thrive in risk adverse markets and navigate regulatory compliance.

Areas of Expertise: