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Jaume Rey


Managing Director

Barcelona, Spain

Mentor Schedule:

Session 1

Mon 13 Jun, 4:45am - 9:30am GMT+0


Session 2

Wed 15 Jun, 4:45am - 9:30am GMT+0

Room 1

About Jaume:

After being a successful Intrapreneur on a great and large Top Class manufacturer, I decided to put all my skills on my own projects to create value from the scratch as Entrepreneur. I love international business environments and specially working in international teams, travelling and understanding other ways of making business (local style).

I'm a very curious person. I have no hesitation to fight to re-define long time stablished rules or customs and take risky decisions (balanced by well-based understanding of the different scenarios which we are involved in). A passionate Executive who tries to share his passion with his team, to deliver unexpected good results.