Developing bio-based ingredients replacing microplastics and polymeric ingredients

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About Greenitio

The Problem:

There are polymeric non-biodegradable ingredients in the products we use everyday. Industries such as cosmetics, personal care, home care, food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, intentionally add polymeric ingredients to products to improve performance, shelf-life and appearance. There is significant increase in demand for alternatives but polymer ingredient substitutes are scarce, hindering consumer companies' green initiatives and threatening potential financial losses if not addressed promptly.

The Solution:

Greenitio designs and produces sustainable, functional ingredients by combining green chemistry and computer simulation. The start-up up-cycles/ transforms natural feedstock (plants & bio-wastes) into high-performance materials using a proprietary aqueous-based green process. Greenitio uses computational simulation to design materials that mimic the properties of their non-renewable counterparts whilst not being limited by what nature can produce.

The Differentiator:

Greenitio stands out by leveraging AI-driven technology to produce water-resistant and oil-soluble functional biopolymers from natural resources. Unlike traditional methods, our biogenic process overcomes complexities, delivering high-value, high-performance biopolymers that not only match but enhance the bioactivity of biomacromolecules. This unique combination of performance, cost-effectiveness, and bioactivity sets us apart in the industry.

Biggest Achievement:

Greenitio has forged partnerships with 12 renowned multinational brands in the cosmetic and personal care industry, half of which boast an average annual revenue exceeding $10 billion. Our active involvement in various paid trials and projects demonstrates our commitment to providing practical solutions. Notably, we secured victory in the 2021 Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) alongside L'Oreal and earned recognition as an innovative startup in the 2022 SOIC challenge among more than 550 startups. Additionally, collaborations with industry giants such as BASF and Dow Chemicals for trial purposes highlight our ongoing impact.