Altent Renewables

Altent Renewables

Extracting energy and minerals from wet waste

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $10K-$100K

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About Altent Renewables

The Problem:

Waste with high water content proves challenging and costly to manage, driving unsustainable practices for cost reduction. Globally, over 80% of wet waste is incinerated, landfilled, or openly dumped, causing substantial environmental impact. Alternative methods like anaerobic digestion have low space-time yield, and thermal treatments demand energy-intensive drying. These high operating costs impede value recovery. Annually, 3+ billion tons of wet waste are generated, creating a $96B problem.

The Solution:

We have invented the Altent Hydrothermal Process to efficiently convert wet waste into fuels and minerals. Through controlled heat and pressure, we utilize the water content in wet waste to serve as a solvent, reactant, and catalyst. In mere minutes, organic components are converted into clean fuels while valuable minerals are extracted. This sustainable and economical approach allows waste producers to cut on disposal costs while generating renewable resources and reducing environmental impact.

The Differentiator:

The Altent Hydrothermal Process boasts an energy conversion efficiency of up to 2 times of the next best alternative, by avoiding the need for energy-intensive drying. Its rapid processing enables high throughput in a compact footprint. Notably, no extra cost is incurred for effluent treatment, and recovered minerals become an additional revenue stream. Versatile in application, this process accommodates a broad spectrum of wet waste types including food waste, sewage, oil sludge, and manure.

Biggest Achievement:

1. Completed proof-of-concept of technology by deploying an operational lab-scale plant 2. Secured letter of intent from pilot customer worth over $265k 3. In discussion with 3 potential pilot customers from food, sewage, and maritime industries 4. Awarded Startup SG Founder Grant 5. Successfully finished the renowned worldwide Hyper Accelerator program and nurtured under the guidance of Ripple2Wave incubator.