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Alicia Bots

AI-enabled autonomous robots to relentlessly scrub all the “biofouling” on hulls of ships

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About Alicia Bots

The Problem:

The underwater hulls of ships are a magnet for plants, algae, and sea creatures. This accumulation of aquatic growth makes ships slower and causes them to use more fuel. Shipping emissions account for 3% of global CO2 (almost 2 billion metric tons) of which 57 Million tons are wasted to combat hull fouling. Additionally, 28.8 Mill Tons of Biofouling can be converted to Bio oil which is currently going as a waste.

The Solution:

Alicia Bots' autonomous robots work like industrial-scale Roombas, using AI to identify and inspect, relentlessly scrub all the “biofouling” under the ship’s water line. The technology can save a 40-ship fleet $4.6 million in annual fuel costs and their collection, treatment, and transformation solutions could help ports provide up to 25% of their yearly power needs.

The Differentiator:

Alicia Bots' differentiators include: light weight product, pricing model and remote control capabilities.

Biggest Achievement:

1. Bringing the technology under 40 kg weight 2. Using a combination of magnetism and buoyancy to avoid slippage in underwater 3. One of the first companies in the world to sign a fleet wide contract