Real-time 24/7 monitoring of the concrete curing process.

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About ConcreteAI

The Problem:

Builders must always determine concrete strength after casting to proceed quickly and safely. However, the current method of measurement using cubes does not reflect the in-situ strength due to the differences in mass and environment. For a block of HDB, 30 days are wasted on the process, and 3600 cubes are wasted. Cube testing relies on human labor and is responsible for 4,800 tonnes of CO2/per year in Singapore.

The Solution:

Proprietary IoT solution that measures early-age concrete strength and temperature continuously every 10 mins in real-time, allowing builders to save days per concrete pour, reduce wastage from cube testing and improve QA/QC with in-situ measurement.

The Differentiator:

ConcreteAI's solution monitors 4 unique locations at the same time at cost a fraction of existing monitoring solutions. Compared to the traditional cube testing, ConcreteAI's solution provide direct visualization of in-situ concrete quality and allow builders to maximize productivity.

Biggest Achievement:

5 paying customers and 5 ongoing pilots. 75% retention rate. 2022 BCA Built Environment Demo Day Innovation Award. 2022 Enterprise Singapore Slingshot Top 10. Raised Pre-seed investment.