Helping corporates find renewable energy using smart technology.

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London, England
USD $1M-$5M

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    About Zeigo

    The problem we're solving:

    Renewable energy procurement is time-consuming and complicated, requiring significant expert evaluation of projects and risks alongside the satisfaction of stakeholders up to and including corporate boards.

    Our solution:

    Zeigo is a climate-tech platform deploying machine learning to reduce the complexities surrounding renewable energy procurement. Used by corporations, energy suppliers and renewable energy developers, Zeigo is the one-stop-shop for stakeholders to transition to clean energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and short-term contracts. Zeigo’s solution creates a simple and efficient process to connect corporate energy buyers with renewable energy developers that is cheaper, more time-effective and transparent than alternative solutions. Zeigo offers a wide range of tools (market analytics, energy forward curve, a business case report) to help corporate buyers make informed decisions on a procurement purchase without the need for external consultants or specialised industry knowledge. Its mission is to increase the uptake of renewable energy across the world, not just by the largest corporations, but by everyone who wants in.

    Our biggest achievement:

    Bought by Schneider Electric.