Boosting e-Mobility with off-grid BioEnergy

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Switzerland, and France

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Didier Roux

CEO & Chairman

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About Wattanywhere

The problem we're solving:

Sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Europe are booming. EV owners now require ultra-fast chargers of renewable energy, anywhere, and are ready to pay a premium for it. But the deployment is currently slow and costly, mainly due to lengthy studies (up to 3 years), and high cost to connect to the grid.

Our solution:

We provide a 300kW fuel cell-based, pollutant-free generator that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity for electric vehicle fast-charging. WattAnyWhere brings a revolutionary solution to electric vehicle recharging point (OPC) operators, with a highly reliable, safe and innovative fuel cell system that delivers bioenergy, i.e. electricity produced from biomass, to anyone, anywhere. Clean, quiet, cost-effective, pollutant-free and CO2-neutral bioenergy.

We have office locations in Sion, Switzerland and Palaiseau, France