We help renewable energy transition by capturing its surplus and reducing its impacts on grids while providing revenue-generating computing services.

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

Dr Peter Finn avatar

Dr Peter Finn

Co-founder & CEO

Jonathan Kochmer avatar

Jonathan Kochmer

Co-founder & CTO

Dr Echo Lei Wang avatar

Dr Echo Lei Wang

Co-founder & CSO

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About Synectify

The problem we're solving:

Systemic surplus and waste exist in the energy supply chain and the problem is increasing as intermittent renewable energy scales. Demand for computing power is also increasing and is not efficiently matched to the energy supply.

Our solution:

Synectify deploys high-density modular data centres engineered to convert surplus energy to value-generating computational work. Computing service users get low impact, high performance computing service that is reliable, efficient and economic powered by waste and surplus energy.

Our differentiator:

Our modular data centres are installed at the site of energy generation, providing a value stream for generators. Computing service customers get a carbon-neutral or carbon-negative service at a competitive price point.

Our biggest achievement:

Signed pilot for a computational baseload in New York, USA, 90% powered by carbon-neutral energy sources. A local pilot in Singapore for a computational baseload running on stranded power is under negotiation.