Spark EV Technology

Spark EV Technology

Intelligent range prediction for zero emission vehicles.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom
USD $1M-$5M

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Justin Ott

CEO & Co-founder

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About Spark EV Technology

The problem we're solving:

Despite growing zero emission vehicle (ZEV) sales, adoption is being held back by worries about the 'true' range of ZEV's. Drivers lack trust in the existing, inaccurate in-car range prediction solutions. This results in erratic range figures as motorway driving can be 2 or 3 times less efficient than urban driving, and the range remaining can drop precipitously on joining the motorway.

Our solution:

The Spark technology determines the range of a vehicle by where it is going, and the energy needed for that journey, rather than extrapolating the last 15 or 30 minutes of travel time. A sophisticated physics model calculates the energy requirement by analysing the route in terms of distance, speeds, elevations, and weather conditions combined with knowledge about the vehicle characteristics and the driving style of the occupant.

Our differentiator:

The unique attributes are utilizing 3rd party 'big data,' combined with a sophisticated EV physics model, and machine learning to produce best-in-class in-vehicle range prediction. The low carbon technology is the subject of granted UK and US patents.

Our biggest achievement:

Obtaining agreements to go into production with 2x EV truck OEMs, securing a major license deal with an Indian Tier 1 to license and deploy our technology to the Indian 2 and 3 wheeler market.