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Niterói, RJ, Brazil
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About Sinaliza

The problem we're solving:

Around 10 million Brazilians are deaf and use Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) for communication. Typically, they are born into non-deaf environments and encounter linguistic barriers from a young age within their families, schools, and other social circles. As they progress through their education, deaf students in Brazil face a significant challenge, with a 57x lower likelihood of accessing higher education compared to their hearing counterparts.

Our solution:

Sinaliza provides high-quality education in Brazilian Sign Language for both deaf and hearing students. This is achieved through two primary offerings: Sinaliza Enem, the first online preparatory course for deaf students preparing for university admission exams, and LibrasLab, a gamification app that utilizes AI to teach Libras. Our objectives are to empower individuals, minimize language barriers, and to teach Libras.

Our differentiator:

Both of our products are innovative within the Brazilian and global markets, harnessing technology to enable accessible and high-quality education in sign language. Our team of deaf teachers takes great care in designing their classes to specifically address the distinctive requirements and viewpoints of deaf students within their own community.

Our biggest achievement:

Sinaliza has already made a positive impact on 800 deaf students, providing them with high-quality educational material in sign language. The impressive 80% approval rate and the noteworthy 250% increase in students' writing scores on national exams underscore the effectiveness of our student-focused methodology catering to the deaf community. Since the app's launch approximately 6 months ago, Sinaliza has also successfully taught over 3M signs to 100k users who downloaded the LibrasLab app.