Next generation mass transit network.

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $1M-$5M

Management Team

Shin Ng avatar

Shin Ng

Co-founder & CEO

Song Yan Ho avatar

Song Yan Ho

Co-founder & CTO

Tawfiq Hope  avatar

Tawfiq Hope

Business Development Director

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About RushOwl

The problem we're solving:

As cities rapidly expand, passengers increasingly face transit accessibility issues and mass transit systems will take decades to catch up. This leads to increased private car adoption, pollution and road congestion.

Our solution:

RushOwl is a mass transit network offering on-demand electric shuttle services powered by AI and dynamic routing. RushOwl works with public passengers, businesses and government bodies to enable smart transportation.

Our differentiator:

Our proprietary AI platform aggregates trips in a smart and effective manner, reducing dead mileage, optimising the use of vehicles and lowering costs for customers.

Our advantage lies in working with more than 40% of the commercial fleet operators in Singapore in our first two operating years.

Our biggest achievement:

RushOwl is the leading on demand bus pooling company in Singapore with over 522 shuttles operating in the network. To date, RushOwl has helped 21,000 users to complete over 1.1 million trips. 16 organisations have partnered with us to provide sustainable transport options to their customers.