Riversimple Movement

Riversimple Movement

Manufacturing hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles in order to provide a zero-emission personal transport solution.

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Llandrindod Wells, Wales
USD $5M+

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About Riversimple Movement

The problem we're solving:

With the world moving to replace petrol and diesel cars within the next 10-20 years, hydrogen fuel cell cars have an important role to play, alongside battery electric vehicles. Riversimple is a sustainable car company working to eliminate, systematically, the environmental impact of personal transport.

Our solution:

Riversimple is pioneering the next generation of zero emission vehicles. They use hydrogen, not batteries and emit nothing but water. Able to refill in three minutes, our vehicles will offer a solution for those who value flexibility and freedom, and want to live lightly on the planet. Rather than selling vehicles, Riversimple will be offering them as part of an all-inclusive, cost-transparent subscription service.

Our differentiator:

-A Riversimple architect was in New York with the The Sustainable Markets Initiative. He is joined by a plethora of sustainability experts discussing the future of sustainable technology and business.

  • In June 2021 Riversimple finished raising a £1.5M equity crowdfunding round.