Natural Nanoparticle Diagnosis of the soil for decarbonization actions

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Alpinópolis, Brazil
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About Quanticum

The problem we're solving:

Every year is invested in the world $ 490 billion to solve problems related to the imbalance of the functions of environmental and agronomic soil. Each year more than 13 million hectares worldwide has inadequate management, according to the UN FAO agriculture sector. We help solve problems related to the imbalance of soil ecosystem functions.

Our solution:

All soils on the planet have in their composition very small structures formed millions of years ago. When it changes this nanoparticle, it changes the agronomic potential, environmental risk and climate vulnerability of soil and forests. Terrus is a system of diagnosis and mapping of the natural soil fitness created in the year 2020 by Quanticum, a company supported by FAPESP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The terrus system converts magnetic signs of soil nanoparticles into an index capable of expressing different agronomic and environmental abilities.

Our differentiator:

QuantuCum built the largest Brazilian Big Data of soil nanoparticles that feeds the Terrus Forest system. This already validated basis for soils, allows the pre-registration of areas still in the office, saving up to 40% of field costs. The magnetic field sensors of the forest terrus do not suffer interference of water in the soil, presence of fertilizers already applied or vegetable remains. The implementation of technology does not require acquisition of new equipment. The same map of soil nanoparticles can be used for different decision making in the management of forests saving time, resources and reducing impacts on biomes. The company already has a patent of process granted, a homologation brand for certification of third parties in the methodology approved by INPI, request PCT in South America, territorial non -competition agreements in Brazil and 4 brands to provide services already approved in INPI.

Our biggest achievement:

TOP 3 TIC Ecosystem Services 2021 (we tied with Ericsson); Top6 Open Innovation at Agro 2021; Top11 Innovation Agrishow 2022 (year when the fair won more than $ 2.5 billion), Top 30 Digital Agriculture Latin America in 2022; Top 50 success cases at COP26 in 2021, Top 500 Highlight Digital Agriculture in the world in 2022 and one of the 100 Startups to Watch 2022 elected by small companies and big business, winner of the Expophorest 2023 prize for forest solutions.