Power Facade

Power Facade

Building-integrated solar PV panels.

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

 Qianning Zhang avatar

Qianning Zhang

Co-founder & CEO

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Tianyi Chen

Co-founder & CTO

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    About Power Facade

    The problem we're solving:

    There are many solar energy harvesting opportunities in urban areas. Yet the current PV integration with buildings is hard to install, not attractive/appealing looking and has low efficiency.

    Our solution:

    Power Facade manufactures PV panels that visually emulate building materials (eg. bricks, marble, concrete) and can be integrated into a building facade. Its patented technologies make the PV panels visually appealing, have higher efficiency and encounter lower maintenance costs, hence ideal to be installed in urban areas. The product comes in prefabricated walls for easy on-site installation.

    Our differentiator:

    Our unitized BIPV wall systems harvest 36% more energy due to IoT systems and our colored PV panels are of 7% higher efficiency compared to other similar colored PV products available in the market. The performance is validated by our pilot project in Singapore. Meanwhile, we provide the easy-to-install prefabricated BIPV wall solution for our clients.

    Our biggest achievement:

    Test-bedding with City Developments Limited in Singapore for 3 years, with a 1 year pilot system installed on their building rooftop.