Leveraging the power of the lime cycle to remove CO2 in a cost-effective and scalable way.

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About Origen

The problem we're solving:

Lime is a wonder material that naturally removes CO2 from the atmosphere, but producing lime using traditional manufacturing techniques creates CO2.

Our solution:

We’ve developed a process that means you can produce lime without emitting any CO2. Origen’s new patented ZerCaL™ process method separates the CO2 from lime during manufacturing. By creating zero-carbon lime, we can clean up current industrial processes and remove CO2 already released into the atmosphere. This zero-carbon lime be used today, and it can also be used to remove the CO2 released into the atmosphere yesterday.

Our differentiator:

Origen is in the final stages of developing a new zero-carbon lime kiln as part of a joint project with Singleton Birch — the UK’s leading independent supplier of lime — at its quarry near Melton Ross in North Lincolnshire