Ocean Purpose Project

Ocean Purpose Project

Converting un-recyclable ocean plastic into low sulphur fuel.

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Singapore, Singapore

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Mathilda D'silva

Founder & CEO

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About Ocean Purpose Project

The problem we're solving:

Asia’s plastic pollution inflicts USD$1.3 billion in damage (annual) to economies in the region. Plastic that chokes wildlife, the environment and humans. Recycling is also troublesome because the bulk of ocean plastic cannot be processed.

Our solution:

Ocean Purpose Project aims to find purpose in the problems affecting the Ocean. The OPP plastic-to-fuel (PTF) unit converts un-recyclable ocean plastic into low sulphur fuel, turning pollution into profit especially for poor communities.

Our biggest achievement:

OPP tested a 100kg PTF unit in Medang Island, Indonesia in 2019. Islanders received our basic plastic-to-fuel machine that produced 3 bottles of fuel a day, powering generators and fishing boats.