A centralized system for reporting harassment to women, helping to change the way cities are designed to increase public safety.

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Recife, Brazil
USD $10K-$100K

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Simony Cesar

Founder & CEO

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About Nina

The problem we're solving:

98% of Brazilian women have been sexually harassed in public transport. Many apps exist, but none are interconnected and can create heatmaps of these cases which can help city planners act. The issue is also financial: women are leaving public transports in mass, many for safety reasons, with some regions scoring a 20% decrease - which means loss in profit.

Our solution:

NINA is a startup that offers technology integrated with various applications to standardize, centralize and track reports of harassment and violence and, based on data, influences the creation of public policies and actions from private companies.

Our differentiator:

Handled over 2.000 reports for their pilot with the 5th largest capital in Brazil, Fortaleza. They recently pivoted from B2G to B2B and landed their first corporate contract.