SaaS platform automating carbon offset project development through geospatial ML and climate models

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Singapore, Singapore
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About Nika.Eco

The problem we're solving:

The current due diligence processes for the development of carbon offset projects are purely based on experiences or potentially biased 30-page PDF report from sell side.

This makes the process:

  1. Non-quantitative
  2. Time-consuming
  3. Too technically demanding Which can lead to wrong investment decisions and therefore lower ROI.

Our solution:

The NikaFeasibility product accelerates and streamlines the due diligence process for carbon offset project development, providing speed, simplicity and seamless integration. The solution reduces risk, time and cost before high upfront investments.

Nika.Eco has also developed CarbonGPT, a personal AI carbon expert. CarbonGPT deconstructs mountains of carbon data to bring carbon professionals succinct and precise information, making their research efforts more efficient and less time-consuming.

Our differentiator:

Our feasibility GIS software analyzes carbon project potential using proprietary data extremely quickly, with customers reducing due diligence processes from 8 weeks to less than 2. As we integrate CarbonGPT with our software, we foresee a future where any lay person can utilize powerful GIS capabilities in natural language to build carbon projects.

Our biggest achievement:

  1. 8k monthly revenue 6 months since launch -> 30,000 USD total revenue YTD
  2. Selected as Top 5 Climatetechs out of 600 in The Liveability Challenge by Temasek
  3. 1,000 + users signed up for CarbonGPT in less than 2 weeks.