Sustainable and intelligent solutions for dredgings, ports and coasts

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Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil
USD $101k-$500k

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About MTCN

The problem we're solving:

Need to increase implementing green initiatives within port and coastal infrastructure ventures to change the sector more sustentable

Our solution:

In response to pressing environmental concerns MTCN is dedicated to develop projects that not only address but also enhance our natural surroundings. Our strategy is rooted in groundbreaking sustainable solutions, including: i) Beneficial Use of Dredged Material (BU) and Building With Nature (BwN). Our infrastructure projects are not just environmentally sound, but also beneficial for communities and ecosystems alike.

Our differentiator:

Our difference lies in the unparalleled technical skill and experience of our team. Comprised of experienced oceanographers and visionary engineers, we collaboratively create sustainable and innovative solutions. Our approach is enhanced by the use of advanced computational models that allow us to run a wide range of simulations. Furthermore, our extensive network of national and international partners amplifies our capabilities.

Our biggest achievement:

One of the biggest solutions involving both founders was the introduction to the country of a large -volume disposal and confinement technique of contaminated dredged material, which allowed the environmental recovery of estuary highly polluted and degraded. The results were presented in different international congresses, being the last in Copenhagen (Denmark) during the World Dredging Congress, where this work was the only representative of Brazil and South America