Natural water distillation and floating farm technologies.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Vishnu Pillai

Co-founder and COO

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Saeed Alhassan

Founder and CTO

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About Manhat

The problem we're solving:

Water scarcity is a global issue. Over 70 percent of global freshwater withdrawals are from agriculture. Traditional desalination techniques have a larger carbon footprint; globally, operational desalination plants emit around 76 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Emissions are expected to increase to about 218 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2040. In addition, desalination plants' brine rejection to the oceans affects the aquatic ecosystem. It is estimated that fifty billion cubic meters of brine are discharged into the oceans annually.

Our solution:

Manhat is a deep technology startup based in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on "natural water distillation" patented technology for sustainable water and floating farm solutions. The technology developed at Manhat is meant to produce water sustainably from open water surfaces by trapping the evaporated water mimicking the natural water cycle with zero carbon footprint and brine rejection. This water can be immediately used to irrigate the crops on the floating farms, which will benefit the coastline community and contribute to mitigating the looming threat of rising sea levels due to climate change.

Our differentiator:

Our technology uses zero electricity to produce freshwater, hence zero carbon footprint and brine rejections. We are the only water technology to provide a sustainable floating farm solution.

Our biggest achievement:

  • Winner of the European commission's Water Europe innovation awards 2022
  • Winner of TFF MENA hosted by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and - Environment and United Nations FAO at EXPO Dubai
  • Winner of the C3 impact accelerator program powered by HSBC
  • Winner of the world's first incubator for sustainable cities, an initiative by URB