Livre de Assédio

Livre de Assédio

We support companies to prevent harassment and abuse by using accessible, scalable technology based on validated methodology and governance

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São Paulo, SP, Brazil
USD $10K-$100K

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About Livre de Assédio

The problem we're solving:

Brazilian society is increasingly aware and intolerant toward harassment in the workplace. Many brands and companies associated with scandals are aware of the issue but they are powerless to act and change the behavior of the society and its employees.

Our solution:

Integrated technology to create networks free of harassment and discrimination, dashboards with KPIs for monitoring and intervention timely wise

Our differentiator:

We were pioneer in bringing the protocol No calle from Barcelona and we have 5 years of operation on the field, understanding the mechanisms that work and are effective. We currently support the state of SP in regulation and supervision

Our biggest achievement:

ILMPACT HUB LATAM SEAL; Epic Awards IE Business School, nominated for the Impacta Northeast Award. Vibra Program for Women Leaders