Energy Intelligence for industries, trades, cities, and utilities.

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Campina Grande, PB, Brazil
USD $501K-$1M

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Eloi Rocha Neto


Fellype Cavalcante

Project Manager

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About LiteMe

The problem we're solving:

Managing energy resources is a challenge for any industry, trade, government, and especially for utilities. Generally, purchasing energy in the free market or investing in solar panels are among the first actions to reduce costs. However, they do not focus on the origin of the problem, namely, identifying where the highest consumption is, when it occurs, what can be done to reduce consumption, and how much can be reduced.

Our solution:

LiteMe is a solution designed to help industries, trades, cities, and utilities understand where the most energy is wasted, when, how to save and how much. The solution is made up of hardware that collects data from the electrical grid and customizable dashboards that present all the information processed by LiteMe.

Our differentiator:

The Liteme solution was fully developed by the company, which includes hardware and all dashboards. The team has extensive knowledge in hardware and platform development. The partnership with educational institutions of national relevance (UFCG) allows the generation of a solution with a high level of innovation and an extremely qualified team.

Our biggest achievement:

  • The hardware has received approval from Anatel for both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G versions.
  • Over a thousand hardware units have been produced.
  • The solution has been implemented in several cities, as part of a pilot program involving 1000 homes in collaboration with one of the largest utility companies.
  • Significant reduction in key performance indicators (KPIs), such as DEC, observed during the pilot phase with utilities employing our hardware for monitoring distributed power transformers.