ImpactGulf is a carbon management company dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexity of climate decisions.

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UAE, United Arab Emirates

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About ImpactGulf

The problem we're solving:

Companies primarily exist to serve their shareholders' interests, with some often viewing environmental and social responsibility as a government domain. Developed countries such as those in the European Union, have adopted a mandatory approach, requiring companies by law to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. However, this approach may not be suitable for regions where such measures clash with cultural norms and may involve complex enforcement problems and high monitoring costs. Developing incentive models that encourage companies to decarbonise is therefore crucial. Such models need to address the main challenges associated with climate action: cost, complexity and the often low commercial added value.

Our solution:

We offer a digital solution that automates the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions, making it cost-effective and easy for companies to manage and accurately report their emissions and work with science-based measures to reduce them. We also develop initiatives and measures to engage employees, partners and customers enhance brand value and increase brand visibility.

Our differentiator:

Linking decarbonisation to people and brands is a holistic approach that enables companies to maximise climate action outcomes, engage stakeholders, increase efficiency and improve brand value while reducing emissions.

Our biggest achievement:

ImpactGulf is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, a member of the Confidential Climate Task Force, a signatory to the UAE Climate Responsible Companies Pledge, an officially recognised member of the Greentech Alliance in addition to developing the 71 Climate Heroes Initiative.