Green COP

Green COP

Sustainable end-to-end solutions for residual biomass.

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

Hanson Lee avatar

Hanson Lee

CEO & Co-founder

Low Wang Chang avatar

Low Wang Chang

COO & Co-founder

Kang Chui Jia avatar

Kang Chui Jia

Marketing Director

Sng Yee Ching avatar

Sng Yee Ching

Administrative Director

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About Green COP

The problem we're solving:

Bio-waste products from agriculture, such as fruit husks and trimmings, are discarded through incineration causing pollution and excess wastage. Current bio-waste treatment takes up to 12 hours and is energy intensive, due to the required high operating temperatures.

Our solution:

Green COP's patented pre-treatment formulation and fermentation process allows bio-wastes to be converted to bio-fuel and other bio-resources. This method is non-toxic and no secondary waste is generated.

Our differentiator:

Short pre-treatment: Biomass pretreatment time reduced to 2-3 hours compared to 8-12 hours using conventional methods. Energy efficient: Lower pressure and temperatures for pre-treatment resulting in up to 90% energy savings. No secondary waste product: Biomass is 99% digested through aerobic fermentation.

Our biggest achievement:

Secured NUS investment and are in talks with several potential customers for a commercial pilot.