Graphene Watts

Graphene Watts

Graphene-enhanced battery technology.

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Singapore, Singapore

Management Team

Antonio Castro Neto avatar

Antonio Castro Neto

Co-founder & Chairman

Vivek Nair avatar

Vivek Nair

Co-founder & CEO

Sergio Echeverrigaray avatar

Sergio Echeverrigaray

CTO, Co-founder

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About Graphene Watts

The problem we're solving:

The current conventional lithium-ion batteries are characterised by low capacities, slow charging, recurring safety issues, and an unsustainable supply chain due to the use of critical metals such as cobalt and nickel.

Our solution:

With longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries, new chemistries such as lithium-sulfur batteries are the best short-term innovations in the field. Both bring their own set of technological challenges. Graphene Watts has been using graphene and expert battery know-how to modify conventional battery electrode materials and electrolytes to produce long-life lithium-ion battery additives (x10 compared to best-in-class) and a first generation of lithium-sulfur batteries that meet today’s capacity, stability, and industrial safety requirements.

Our differentiator:

Graphene Watts has built a strong portfolio of graphene and activated battery materials-related intellectual property, resulting in 5 families of patents. The company’s current focus is to fast-track its long-life lithium-ion additives to market, and industrially demonstrate the viability of a first generation of lithium-sulfur batteries. The latter is based on proprietary multifunctional graphene-sulfur materials combined with a versatile, sustainable, and scalable industrial process.

Our biggest achievement:

Multiple letters of interest from international battery manufacturers. Validation of performance on all types of Lithium-ion sub-chemistries. Well-advanced discussion about building the first battery pilot plant in India.