ATMO (froglabs)

ATMO (froglabs)

AI-based climate supercomputers that make the atmosphere predictable, understandable, and manageable.

Company Details

Bordeaux and San Francisco, France and USA

Management Team

Alexander Levy avatar

Alexander Levy

Co-founder and CEO

Johan Mathe avatar

Johan Mathe

Co-founder and CTO

Alexander Sviridenko avatar

Alexander Sviridenko

Head of Engineering

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About ATMO (froglabs)

Our solution:

Energy demand prediction: Data intelligence using and anticipating weather impacts.

Our differentiator:

Developer of an artificial intelligence-based weather forecasting system intended to solve weather predictions for any city, state, or country. The company utilizes proprietary neural networks to offer weather systems that are accurate and affordable, enabling clients to know about climatic changes and conserving time and resources while facilitating teams to make smarter faster decisions.