ForesToken S.A.

ForesToken S.A.

"World's first marketplace tokenizing forestry assets with blockchain and geospatial intelligence."

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Curitiba, PR, Brazil
USD $101k-$500k

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About ForesToken S.A.

The problem we're solving:

Low liquidity of forestry assets, combined with the absence of a robust secondary market and a lack of sector-specific financial products, leads to the exit of a significant portion of the 315,000 small and medium producers. This exodus not only results in raw material shortages but also drives industry verticalization, reducing market competitiveness. The sector has a potential of BRL 250 Bi in illiquid assets spread across 10 mi hectares.

Our solution:

We've created a platform that combines remote sensing, AI, and blockchain technology to transform forestry assets into tokens (ERC 1155), with each token representing 1 m³ of timber. It allows small and medium producers and investors to actively participate, promoting diversity and innovation in the sector. We've established a secondary market with our global marketplace. Furthermore, our token has the potential to serve as collateral for loans, especially once the Real Digital is operational.

Our differentiator:

We operate in a blue ocean, being the only global platform that tokenizes planted forests and monitors through remote sensing and AI. While most target retail investors, we intensively focus on the B2B sector, with plans to expand to retail. Our token is designed to act as collateral in the Digital Real network and is not classified as a security.

Our biggest achievement:

ForesToken stands out in forest sector with key partnerships, signing contracts with two major brazilian forest players, and affiliating with AMIF & ABAF. We're tokenizing 2,000 ha, a pioneering blockchain application in Brazil. We've secured regulatory approval from CVM, ensuring our token isn't classified as a security, reducing costs. Our platform, a world-first in forest tokenization and monitoring, also serves as a white-label solution for other green assets, broadening our market reach