Pioneering sustainable paper batteries, a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional Lithium batteries

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Singapore, Singapore
USD $101k-$500k

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Carlo Charles

Co-founder & CEO

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Shi-Zhou Tan

Sustainability & Impact Lead

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About Flint

The problem we're solving:

As the world moves toward a more sustainable & renewable future, we face the challenge that the batteries we use right now are not renewable themselves. That's because current battery technologies, that are so widely used, are highly toxic to the environment and are limited by their design in terms of safety & cost. This hinders our ability to build a truly sustainable future. With this in mind, we strived to look for a solution to make our future more renewable with greener batteries.

Our solution:

Built with production techniques akin to Lithium-ion batteries, Flint employs distinct materials—Zinc, Manganese, & Cellulose Paper—for compostable and leak-proof battery performances. Our design caters to diverse applications and shapes, offering nearly 10-fold production cost savings compared to lithium-ion batteries. With R&D completed, we possess proof-of-concepts and functional prototypes, poised to advance toward technology commercialization, as we anticipate its market introduction.

Our differentiator:

Our key differentiator stems from our strategic use of established manufacturing methods for lithium-ion batteries. By leveraging these well-established processes, we are able to expedite our product's journey to the market, allowing for rapid adoption on a wide scale. Furthermore, this approach enables us to develop batteries that seamlessly integrate with existing products and technologies. By utilizing familiar manufacturing methods, we can efficiently produce and deliver our batteries while ensuring compatibility with current industry standards. This distinct advantage positions us favorably to meet market demands efficiently and effectively.

Our biggest achievement:

Backed by esteemed institutions like Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University, providing expertise and networks. Secured funding from the Singapore government's Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, fueling growth. And internationally recognized by the United Nations for sustainable solutions, validating our impactful initiatives.