Eco Panplas

Eco Panplas

Recycling plastic lubricant packaging through ecological decontamination, with traceability and without the use of water or waste generation

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Campinas, Brazil

Management Team

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Felipe Cardoso

CEP & Founder

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Fabian Cattaneo


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Gustavo Cardoso


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    About Eco Panplas

    The problem we're solving:

    Recycling of plastic lubricant packaging, due to the large amount of residual oil. Conventional recycling with water washing does not deliver high quality resin, does not recover oil and generates more waste with high costs.

    Our solution:

    Eco Panplas makes it possible to recycle contaminated plastic packaging in an ecological way, as our innovative production process does not use water or generate waste, producing recycled raw material of excellent quality. Our process makes it possible to manufacture new oil packages without using virgin raw material and with cost reduction, in addition to recovering all the residual oil from the package that is destined for re-refining.

    Our differentiator:

    Signed new clients and a PoC with AkzoNobel for a new business line recovering oil-based paint packaging.