Inclusive Energy (Previously Connected Energy Technologies)

Inclusive Energy (Previously Connected Energy Technologies)

Increasing transparency and efficiency in delivering affordable renewable energy to those living off-grid.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
USD $1M-$5M

Management Team

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Vijay Bhopal

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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About Inclusive Energy (Previously Connected Energy Technologies)

The problem we're solving:

Current energy access approaches aren’t working fast enough. The market is highly concentrated, with technology and finance accessible to too few actors.

Our solution:

Inclusive Energy leverages local entrepreneurship - providing solar PV and biogas organisations of all kinds with the technology they require to scale. Their products enable micro utilities and distributors to monitor and control solar and biogas energy systems remotely, increasing quality of service, and enabling pay-as-you-go for electricity and clean cooking. Smart Biogas is a market leading biogas metering solution. Cloud Solar is a system-agnostic smart solar charge controller, for solar home systems, and DC productive uses.

Our differentiator:

In February 2022 Connected Energy Technologies finished raising a an equity crowdfunding round of £428K and in July 2022 a seed funding round of £425K.