Electric micro-mobility tricycle: quiet, clean and simple.

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Toulouse, France

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Raphaël Colombié

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About Cobrane

The problem we're solving:

Inefficient mobility and transport of loads within closed sites such as warehouses, airports and exhibitions.

Our solution:

Electric micro-mobility tricycle: quiet, clean and simple. Travel back and forth with no risk and up to 100kg load. Behaves like a bike, 65cm wide with substantial manoeuvrability at low and high speeds. Can travel at 25km/h to coexist with other vehicles and pedestrians, configurable at lower speeds if necessary. Cobrane A1 is 100% electric, with a battery pack of last generation Lithium ion. It emits no particles and almost all of its components are made from recyclable materials.

Our differentiator:

Fully commercialised with units installed across several large scale customer sites.