CityMaas enables businesses to be searchable by the disabled community.

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London, United Kingdom

Management Team

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Rene Perkins

CEO & Co-Founder

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Andrew Perkins

CFO & Co-founder

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About CityMaaS

The problem we're solving:

The current world is not accessible for everyone. Businesses are missing revenue due to this inaccessibility.

Our solution:

CityMaas enables businesses to be searchable by the disabled community. A machine learning algorithm and gamification inspired by Games of Thrones empowers communities to crowdsource and validate relevant accessibility information

Our differentiator:

  1. Personalization: we provide personalized data and services for each of our client's end users with a scalable microservice architecture

  2. We use machine learning to predict accessibility conditions of any places in the world with latest accuracy of 90%

  3. We are the leading supplier for digital inclusion in the UK and Europe with the mission of making businesses accessible for all online and offline

  4. We are able to provide real time accessibility travel information in London

Our biggest achievement:

• Top 150 EU Start-Up • We have a strong pipeline worth £212k with 25 clients and partners. Partnering with big brands like PWC on World Bank projects. 4 signed partnership network and 6 in the pipeline globally • £71,000 revenue generated with no direct marketing spend