Circu Li-ion

Circu Li-ion

Automated Lithium Ion battery & cells upcycling. Fighting the climate crisis by maximizing the value of each Li-ion cell.

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Luxembourg, Luxembourg
USD $1M-$5M

Management Team

Antoine Welter avatar

Antoine Welter

CEO & Co-founder

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Xavier Kohll

CTO & Co-founder

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About Circu Li-ion

The problem we're solving:

Today battery recycling is a linear, hazardous and very energy intensive process, with only a very limited percentage of raw materials recovered.

Due to the global economy’s need for raw materials to produce energy storage systems the shortage in these materails is threatening our aim of CO2 neutrality by 2050.

Used batteries are a true resource - however, today’s recycling methods are inefficient as they destroy still functioning battery components, most notably the cells and the BMS.

Our solution:

Our automated machine sets a new technological and ecological standard: enabling an economical 2nd life for all batteries.

For micro mobility providers, our solutions offers new ways of reusing batteries internally, drive down operational costs as well as reaching the companies sustainability targets.

For recyclers we enable a pretreatment step, which significantly enhance their process stability, reduce the amount of energy and increases output efficiency.

Our differentiator:

Automated process to identify the state of the battery (SOH) and process it accordingly. The system dismantles battery packs into single components to then either:

  • Reuse functional battery cells into„new“battery packs or our battery pack design;
  • Recycle dysfunctional batteries & cells, given our separation in a more efficient process

Our biggest achievement:

  • Upcycled micro mobility batteries for all Europes biggest Sharing providers
  • Upcycled batteries for Europes most important power tool brands
  • Signed deals with pan-European recyclers to expand our solution