Boreales Energy

Boreales Energy

We develop, produce, and market an innovative ice energy storage solution, with a comprehensive service offering.

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Douvres-La-Delivrande, France

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Sébastien Descampes

Strategic Sales & Business Development

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About Boreales Energy

The problem we're solving:

The need for decentralized energy storage is growing rapidly, in particular due to the saturation of electricity networks.

Our solution:

Boréales Energy offers a completely new type of phase change energy storage solution. The result of research and development, our static thermal accumulator can be easily integrated into any refrigeration system and is also the basic technological building block of our future electricity storage device: Our cold exchanger technology. The Static Thermal Accumulator system, called ATS, guarantees the operation of residential air conditioning where the ice water tank and its conventional refrigeration circuit require large spaces. Complementary to a photovoltaic installation, our product ensures a high- performance, affordable and flexible economic solution.