BeWorks Automation

BeWorks Automation

Accessible EV chargepoint with a retractable automated cable management mechanism

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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About BeWorks Automation

The problem we're solving:

BeWorks identifies problems: 1) Stiff & heavy EV charging cables, hindering convenience. 2) Charging cable malfunctions disrupt sessions. 3) Scarcity of accessible chargepoints for disabled drivers & the ageing population.

Our solution:

BeWorks tackles these challenges by manufacturing an EV chargepoint with retractable automated cables, along with a user-friendly data analytics platform and mobile app. Equipped with a retractable automated cable, the chargepoint offers a user-friendly and hassle-free charging experience. Additionally, BeWorks provides a comprehensive data analytics platform and a mobile app, empowering users with real-time charging information and personalised insights.

Our differentiator:

We integrate AI to make decisions on cable retraction, extension, and position adjustments. Our solution incorporates user recognition and personalisation, tailoring the charging experience to individual preferences. We provide enhanced data analytics, empowering users with valuable insights to optimise their charging efficiency and overall experience.

Our biggest achievement:

We successfully closed a community-based crowdfunding campaign this month by raising £32k from the crowd! (non-equity based). The major focus was on our inclusive mobility project, which we aim to finalise very soon!