An ecosystem for the inclusion of autistic people in the labor market.

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São Paulo, SP, Brazil
USD $101k-$500k

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Elise Lisboa

Head of Neurodiversity

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About aTip

The problem we're solving:

In Brazil, there are over 2 million autistic people. According to estimates, around 85% of these people are out of the job market. This is mainly due to the fact that autism in adulthood is quite invisible and corporate environments are not prepared to receive and monitor this workforce. Consequently, a perplexing dichotomy emerges: a substantial number of job seekers on one side and a growing trend among companies wanting to enhance diversity and foster innovation on the other. That's where aTip comes in to bridge the gap.

Our solution:

Over the course of several months of research and some pilot projects, we have been able to build an inclusion flow that we commercially call "atypical journey". Through this journey, we were able to diagnose, prepare and sensitize the company to receive neuroatypical people. After this preparation, we were able to connect with the most appropriate possible candidates using a methodology we created (skill profile).

Our differentiator:

We have three main differentials:

  1. SKILLS PROFILE: Through a series of tests, we have managed to mapping the profile of the autistic person accurately, providing a better chance for that person to remain in the company;
  2. Contact with the Autistic Community: This contact was built through Autism Tech, an innovation event that ATIP organizes together with FIAP;
  3. Empathy and Human Processes: The way we deal with delicate issues involving neurodiversity is one of our main differentials;

Our biggest achievement:

  • Fellowship of Potencia Ventures;
  • 10 Best Startups on Bootcamp 500 Startups + Ambev